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DoLyst lets you join or create lists to do more with your life.  Not lists like “Pick up eggs”.  More like “10 great hikes in Tuscon”. Great curated content to see more, try more, do more.

Want to dive-in ? Visit register, login and figure it out… or get a quick tour here.

Our content is little light (its barely in beta) so feel free to search “Hamilton” and pretend you are where we are from. Join a list, and try creating a list with listing.

OK if you haven’t clicked off to try it, here’s a bit more info.

Whether you are writing about…

  • 10 things to do in Paris
  • 20 recipes even a Dad can make
  • 5 of the Best Cocktails at Disney World
  • Best bars with live music [in your town]

DoLyst can help make that an “interactive list” your viewers can put on their mobile device and do over time. Here is a quick demo of it in action.

Once you are ready to add some items/listings..

Why DoLyst is great for bloggers

  • Add stickiness to a post. People join lists and accomplish them over time. They come back when they are looking for things to do. Each DoLyst has a link for the Original Article to send them back to your post.
  • Create an interactive version of the content you are writing. Some bloggers charge extra to Instagram and to tweet client content, so why not a little extra to make it an interactive list?
  • Link your lists back to your original post to add some SEO juice.  The list, and each listing inside the list can all link back to your content and your social media accounts.
  • Each listing inside the list is a shareable link.  Your viewers can love the whole list.. or just one item in the list and share the heck out of it.
  • Add new listings to your list and subscribers will be alerted (not in this beta).  We are excited about this.  Imagine thousands of people subscribed to one of your great list and you update it. Boom, those past viewers are alerted.
  • Its another vehicle to share your post (like Instagram, Pinterest)

Give it a try, let us know your feedback.


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