Engagement – The Holy Grail of Content?

Its an overused term, “engagement”.  You can’t really get it with a blog post unless you open up comments.  Then the dregs of society use it as a platform for anything but.  Social media can get engagement if your post drifts by at the right time or you hashtag bomb it with bait terms.  How do you create content and get people to interact with it over and over?


Lists are the most popular form of written content by far.  As a result we see Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook  and  Twitter content linking to blog posts with titles like “10 things to do in Maui” to “15 Yoga moves for people with back pain”.  Then you read the post, make a mental note, and move on.

What if content like that also included a list you could join and challenge yourself to do? And if you were the author of the content, what if that list linked back to your original post? What if it linked back to and all the locations, vendors, and activities you listed?

That’s why we created DoLyst.  DoLyst is a publishing platform for people who curate lists of things to do.  Just like you would use YouTube as a publishing platform for video, DoLyst supports your content.

How is that Engagement?

When a viewer joins your list, it becomes part of their personal DoLyst profile.  People looking to find new places to eat could join a list of just that.  If you are the author of that list, all the back links and the content can link back to your post.   Later when if you add to the list, your “listlings” (see what we did there?) will be alerted that their list has new content. Engagement.  DoLyst makes it super fast to create lists.  In most cases you provide a location or link and we can fill in the rest.

What makes up a list. Here are a few examples.

Places to go

  • 10 great places for a date night in Toronto
  • 25 best hamburgers in Tuscon
  • 8 coffee shops that a great places to work in  Syracuse
  • 10 must see exhibits at the Henry Ford Museum
  • Ski all the trails at Whistler
  • Join our Pub Crawl

Things to accomplish

  • 10 exercises to lose weight
  • 15 Yoga moves for beginners to master
  • 25 Birds to spot in Western NY
  • 15 meals for Dads to make
  • Top Roller Coasters in North America
  • 15 things your kids need to do over summer holidays.

So we could go on, but you get the idea. Get out there join a list or create a list and get Do-ing!



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