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Travel bloggers are one of the reasons we created Dolyst.  There is so much great curated content, but so hard to find it when you need it.  First and foremost lists make your content sticky. They also extend your SEO since each list can have a source article that offers more narrative.  Each listing in that list has its own page that can drive reader to the locations are sites you are sharing. The list does not replace your content, it supports it.

If you monetise your blog through advertising or sponsorship you can make sure your advertisers offerings are covered in the list and show up first.  With the premium edition (coming soon) you can send alerts out to your list members to drive them back to sponsors.  How and if you get paid by your partners is up to you.

The easiest way to get started it to keep doing what you are doing.  List the places travellers should know about in your blogs, Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and Pinterest.  Just remember to share a link to your list in the original article so they can subscribe to it.  If you are reviewing products for travel, make sure to link to a place to buy the product.  Many of these sites have affiliate programs so you can earn revenue from purchases driven by links.  Have a look at to find affiliate programs.

Here are some great examples of Dolysts.


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