Seize the Day

We love the idea of a bucket list, but how about finding something that gets you off your butt right now.  We have a growing number of local lists.  True a few of the searches below to find something local.  If you don’t see something local, help us out and curate your own list. Start your search here and don’t forget to set your location.

  • “Live Music” – Find a great place to listen to live music
  • “Museums” – There are more than you think right in your own backyard.
  • “Parks” and “Hikes” – Stop doing the same ones.
  • “Dates Night” or just “Restaurants” – expand your dining horizon.
  • Best “Brunch” – Sunday mornings will never be the same.
  • “Walking Tours” – Get out and learn about your own town.
  • “Galleries” – Support the arts.

We know, the world is a big place and we may not have what you are looking for yet.  Help us fill in those nooks and crannies by curating a list.  Feel free to be specific.  For example “Best places for parents with toddles on the weekend in [Your town]”.  Help us stamp out boredom.